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The Training

The training is done either in person or by telephone consultation, both are equally as effective. I will provide you with all the necessary worksheets. The Baccarat game results can be provided by you or if you don’t have any I will provide 25 shoes and you can randomly pick the ones you wish to you play. Additionally you can start play anywhere in the shoe proving there is no set up and nothing prevents “Baccarat For Cash” from winning.

You will learn the complete method at your pace.  There will be no grey areas. You will learn the correct bet selection and the correct wager amount. I will teach you different levels of play from aggressive play to normal to conservative play.

You will also learn stealth play. Casinos do not like winners. Now that you have the very powerful “Baccarat For Cash” you don’t want to get barred from the casino. You will need to know how to disguise your play, your winnings and avoid sending red flags to the casinos computers. I will teach how this is achieved.

Extra Bonus... As an extra bonus worth the cost the training alone, I will teach you how to maximize your comps. I will teach you how to beat the casino at their own game. I will show how to get free rooms, free food, free shows and even free money in the form of promotional chips or coupons. I will show you how this is done in as little as three shoes. This one technique will allow you to make your training fee back many times over.  If you did nothing else but use this one technique over the next twelve months you will indeed make the “Baccarat For Cash” training risk free.



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One on One Tuition By Phone $2000

One on One Tuition In Las Vegas $2500